Everything I didn’t tell you!

14th of Dec. Paris. New moon and solar eclipse happening again the same day, Celebration day! However, to begin this new cycle that day, I gathered all my very few and little 2020 remaining energy (barely reborning at this time) to leave were I stayed almost 1 month. Yeah, I left my fav’ place nearly one month to recover and get well again surrounded by love. Oh God, I remember bursting into tears once I got in the car, on my way to home, sweet home.

Well, this moody mood didn’t last long. Once I arrived home, I was first proud of my self for wanting to move forward and finally take actions, and second, I was suddenly feeling joy and excitement through my whole body, from the bottom of my heart. As if I was just sensing that new era loading.

So, I celebrated the New moon, and few hours later, the solar eclipse. I sowed seeds regarding those last 2020 weeks that were key to allow me to create my dreamed 2021 with solid foundations and crystal clear vision. It was very intense but also kind of liberating.

Shortly after that New moon celebration, my brother living in Californie rung. OMG, should I answer? To say what? I did not move much since last time we talked. Well, Aziz, my older brother who is my kind of mentor since I am very young, asked me about my 2021 plans. Lord. At this moment, I was thinking « dude, how would I have any clue of my 2021 plans if I do not even know about my tomorrow, come on, don’t be that hard on me. I suppose he felt it because he explained « look Fama, I do not want to bother I swear, I just want to help and not let you keep that way until the very last minute, the very edge, because, at that moment, the situation will be way worst than what you are getting through right now. Good Lord, just wanted to DIE after this call, I was so freaking anxious and absolutely not feeling capable of totally getting up on my feet again, take back my energy and just do the shit.

Went to sleep kinda petrified by the future, feeling drained with those one thousand unanswered questions asked by my brother just because he does love me and just wanted to give a hand.

24 hours after that stressful but so-needed call, on the 15th of December, I did a special meditation to seek for answers and guidance. Directly and straight got the answer, like I swear while sitting down cross-legged, this is how I got the idea to jump on my laptop, open it, and googled my dream job, still as an freelance. IDK for which reason, but I was being very rational and thinking into that very tiny mini box, reason why I was getting blank responses only. You know what? I experienced something feeling like an Epiphany, I swear. This is not the first time it happened to me, this idea was just not mine, this was not my idea. The fuuuck? Like I know I can have massive ideas sometimes, but that idea was just not mine., Crazy. I remember I talked to God, to the Universe, to Life, to the Source, whatever you call it, I talked to Him and shared with him every single concerns but also every single thing I wanted to manifest no matter what for this lunar cycle beginning. I asked help also to regain energy I was sorely lacking of.

This is how I found this single opportunity on the internet. It was sounding like a fake offer. Or like an offer written by an angel, specially for me. I thought « bingo », this opportunity was created for me, and it is all mine already, watch me guys! I worked more than 3 hours on my application to update my resume that I had to dust off, and also write the most beautiful, accurate and meaningful cover letter ever. I sent my application at 11PM sharp, I didn’t want to send it late light, because it looks bad and I am the model pupil!

Once I applied, I recall getting going to bed with a different vibration, with a different energy, take a different place in the world, full of gratitude and so proud of myself already.

Then, the day after, I was thinking, behaving and taking actions just as if I already got this contract I was dreaming of. I must confess I thought about looking for other contracts like this, but like other offers were not this lit. So I did not apply. Crazy how I still need « love at first sight » even in my professional life, isn’t it?

Well, once I realized this opportunity was my ride or die, I even begun the creation of the administrative structure the day after. I needed to get this opportunity, there wasn’t any other alternative. I imagined the phone ringing many many times that same day, and eventually, not even 24h after my unique application, my phone rang at 6:27PM. 6:29PM, head of human resources was leaving a message on the answering machine.

I look back on this day, I found the energy in the morning to wake up, take a shower and get ready to finally get back at work. So when they called me this day I was at my parents (office and Maison Tribale warehouse) working because I whispered in the morning  » get in action, take actions and stay in movement, do everything you do heartfully with strong intention, and God will just make it happen, trust that firmly ».

30th of Dec, 4AM: powerful rituals in the middle of the night, stars shining bright in the clear sky, just as clear as my vision that night. Crystal clear. All aligned, I swear. Cleaned my flat according to my new rituals I will share eventually (it’s all about vibrations Babes). Then I meditated and this day, like my summary of 2020 was evident and I was here, on the floor, heartfully thanking 2020. I remember speaking in hushed tones « dear twenty-twenty, thank you, I mean it, thank you« . Once I wrote down my thought and lessons, my success and failures, my feelings and fears of 2020, like my plan for 2021 was literally obvious. Like I don’t know, my journaling this early morning was so freaking fluid. I even Facetimed my very best friend this morning, my mother, despite of the jet lag (my parents live in Dakar in Senegal, west Africa), I could not wait to share this magical and sudden energy boost, clear and bold vision I was asking for for ages now. Just as the whole Universe was getting all aligned, I was doing so, all of a sudden.

The days after, I was just taking actions and staying in movement. Those were my only rules. Oh and also having nice conversations with myself, full of love, light, hope and even certainties, like blindly believing that I was manifesting everything I asked for with God’s help. Without the slightest bit of doubt. And this is how I manifested every single thing of my December new moon party, or at least it is on a very good way. You see? Simple. I promise, that simple.

I finally got this contract. Thanks Lord. I mean, I got it. Like WOW, sounds crazy but this job opportunity was created for me, like hundred percent, every single thing I love: wellness, yoga, meditation, fashion and it totally fits my skills and experiences (product, purchases, sourcing). This so contributes to my mission on earth, it is so matching my inner fire dance. I wouldn’t have imagined this opportunity in my wildest dreams, I say so.

YOU SEE? You see, why YOU GUYS CANNOT MISS January moons. First of, let’s begin with the New moon. Guys, I could just stay here and keep those secrets for myself and I but I am not, this is none of my plans just because I need to share it. To inspire, and then to grow and to grind with y’all. What do you have to lose giving it a try? Why the hell would I lie to you?

It is essential for you to aggressively and savagely (Grrrrrrrr) set the tone for this new year. I will not write another article regarding new moon rituals, there are already plenty on the blog. If you are a novice, you can read this one, otherwise, just do your thang BUT DO IT, for God’s sake!!!!

While you do it, please keep in mind, there is no impossibilities, just shatter this tiny and useless box you think inside and listen to this inner voice that knows it all. And what this inner voice whispers to you is the truth, what your fat head thinks is not. I do not want to affirm « what your mind can conceive, it can achieve ». I would rather state « what your heart can conceive, you can achieve ». It’s all about that conversation you are having with yo cute self. It seems that even doers and achievers and very successful people also have a very chatty mind killing the vibe with doubts and acid fear. Did you know? I didn’t. I will dedicate a whole article relating to the fact that your mind IS NOT YOUR FRIEND and it only wants you to die rn. Hahahah. Simple. Your mind is your worst enemy ever. That simple.

Oops, my article is way too long to consider continuing it regarding astrology (much going on above our heads rn), and also the power of affirmations. But, I will shortly so that you take notes and then actions.

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