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💎 Pink quartz: full moon 🌕 around the corner (D-4), you’ll clean your crystals soon. I will reply all your questions about crystals during our Full moon party, promise. I soooo can’t wait 💫🌻✨

Did you know when I first experienced this kind of sacred rituals with dancing souls? I first attended a « cercle de femmes » with a colleague of mine looooong time ago (coucou Paula ✨🤍) here in Paris and I just HATED it that first time. Hahaha, good Lord, this experience is one of the most traumatic I ever experienced 😂 like IDK it was scary, awkward, creepy. Kind of cultish, kind of weirdo, kind of neverEVER again!

3 years ago, I did a spiritual retreat in Tulum 🇲🇽 Mexican carribean, and experienced many powerful and deep mayan rituals and even did a brazilian individual ritual. One of them I will never ever forget is our March 2018 full moon party 🌝 in @ahau. Please check out my story today, I will repost the whole thing #throwback. Good Lord. So special. So strong. So freakin’ healing. So on point. This is where I first met my soul sister @valentina and her friend Anel. I also met @isabelladelalune, and two spanish girlfriends who just hit Tulum few days prior to the full moon party. OMG, those girls were doing a US and Mexican van road trip with their boyfriends, one of my dream btw 🤩. Well, this sacred moment we shared this day is unspeakable. But I can relate, it profundly marked my journey. Why? Like I released all the pressure, the pain and many things I wanted to sort out and leave there! That dream place (check today story, I will repost the whole 💩🔥🔥🔥) was insane on the rooftop right between the crystal Carribean, the jungle, the lagoon and the cenotes, goosebumps! It was the right place right between the sea (the power of water 🌊) and the busty jungle (the power of earth 🌴🌿) to sort out my luggages, heritage, history, wounds, victories, dreams, vision, every-single-thing! OMG we cried so freaking much this day… I even remember one of the spanish girl mourning his recently passed away dad 💔💔 This day, she said she finally accepted her dad passing and that this day, she eventually let go! 🙏🏿✨🕊

This day, this day babes I finally felt, experienced and lived how powerful and healing the moon is. I also experienced the power of intention, but also of being together in sacred circle with total strangers… the curious thing is that after my traumatic Parisian experience, I finally lived the shit. Like IDK my inner voice whispered « sign in » when I saw the written on the black billboard of the hotel « full moon party ». I was like, Okay I just CAN’T miss that one!!!!

This retreat marked the beginning of my true spiritual initiation, my journey to become that healer I was declared I was twice, by two persons who doesn’t know each others. I was « diagnosed » healer first by Fiel (a mayan astrologer) then by Xaman Sergio (a mayan chaman) during and after a transcendant purification ceremony (temasqal). I keep in touch with all that people, cannot wait to go visit them again, for a whole new level retreat. But what I am most excited about since New Moon is… my decision to study holistic and ayurveda healing. Trust it or not, to heal, is one of the mission I have been created for. You guys ready?

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