Dear Morning routine!

I love you! I just love you. I so love you. I just can’t without you. I literally can’t!

Babes, morning routine I use to call Miracle morning are the sh*t. They truly are! Do you practice it? What is your routine? I am so curious.

Well. Basically, I wake up early in the morning (hello early birds 🙋🏿‍♀️), the earlier, the better!! So, I wake up early and I decide. What do I decide? I decide that today I will create the amazing day I want, I decide to bring joy, light and love in my own life and in the world. Babes, you are the only one deciding for your life and… then you are a powerful creator, so you co-create your day! Okay, so I open the eyes and first and foremost, I decide!

Then I drink water. Hell yeah! Come on, your body need hydratation, remember: stay hydrated b*tches 🤍 some times, it’s fresh still water, some times it’s detox water, that is fresh lemon 🍋 into still water, oh and some times it’s green thé glacé ! I just listen to what my temple (my body) needs and I serve it!

Okay once the temple is hydrated, what’s next? Babes trust it or not, I do not throw myself on my phone. Humhum. Very bad idea. Why? Because what you nourrish yourself with, specially during the first hours of the day matters. It profoundly rules and sets the tone of your day, and your day depends on it. As I stated yesterday morning: « either it inspires you, grows you, makes you feel safe and gives you power and strength to move forward, either it’s not part of your life ». This being said, please note: THIS IS TRUER DURING THE FIRST MINUTES OF YOUR DAY (sorry for shouting, I am not polite), don’t throw yourself on the gram, f*cked up by the FOMO (fear of missing out)! You certainly didn’t miss anything and, you will have the entire day to check in!

And so… once hydrated I take my phone. Ha. Haha. Cool down, I take it to put relaxation, meditation or whatever music that brings me serenity, peace and bliss. OMG. I am so happy pressing play. Then I light my candle nodding the intention for the day. Intentions matter. Hell yeah, they so do! Then, I light my incent. OMG, first smellings of the morning, my senses are partying pretty much at this moment!

Following that, I practice yoga. What’s the goal here? To wake up my physical body and re-energize it after few hours of sleep (I don’t sleep much, time is too precious! 🤣). This Miracle morning yoga can be very summary (like to sun salutation rounds) or it can be a full yoga workout! Depends on the mood andthe time ahead!

Thereafter, I wake up my soul with prayers, I wake up my magical and subtil body praying ✨ to say thank you, express gratitude, then to ask God to help me creating the day I dream of, He is my very first teammate, well right after myself!

Once I prayed, I say affirmations to wake up and train my brain 🧠. Well affirmations along with meditation is the right combo to unprogram the subconscious. Tell me something, did you know that 95% of our lifes are ruled by our inconscious program. Like ninety five percent. Hello: NINETY FIVE PERCENT! That is IN-SANE!

OMG. Affirmations. They are the sh*t to remove those programs in your inconscious fuck*ng up around and not letting me breaking through because of same patterns repeating themselves. Sorry, myself (responsibilites) keeping repeating the same 💩. Well, affirmation allows me to reset that all. They are everything. Good Lord, they last around 11 minutes and like for the last minutes I feel like I am under hypno. Affirmations are soooo powerful. They are so freaking powerful!!! Okay right after, I meditate and I journal. I meditate and generally feel great gratitude. I remember who I am, I remember my power. I feel aligned. And what I most like is the world is still sleeping at this moment 🌃 and it’s pure magic. During quarantine, a friend of mine, Valentina, one Columbiana friend of mine leaving in Tulum thrown me Chopra Deepak 21 days challenge. Good lord. It’s my third time in a row doing it. I just can’t live without anymore. I swear, those meditation are literally turning me into magnet, but like rilllllll powerful one 🧲 I think = I get, Jesus!!!!! Reason why I have to manage and control my thought so much. Well. The phrase of the day of today meditation is « Today, I focus on what I want to attract into my life ». And the mantra was in sanskrit « Sat Chit Ananda » which means « Existence Consciousness Bliss ». Guess what? Love and consciouness ARE the answers. So it begins by selflove and pure consciousness. A whole program Babes and this has to be worked every single day, every single moment, 24/7, you hear? OMG I’ll be doing this meditation like FOR EVER EVER.

Additionally, journaling is priceless. A sort of therapy, but also a tool! ✍🏿 so I write. Some times it’s the date and one single word, some times I have both time and inspiration to write a whole novel!

Some times, to close the miracle morning before working out (remember, the goal is to be a badass with a good ass), I practice visualisation but I must confess it is not often! One of my goal for Q3, the third quarter of Twenty twenty is to continue my vision board, I think I will be more disciplined with visualisation once I’ll be done with it.

And to finish, I workout when I have time ahead. 1 hour workout, one day out of two, at home, at the gym or outdoor, or both mixing 5k run + 30 min workout. Good Lord, my workout is the cherry on the cake. Oh my!! Like it closes my miracle morning with energy and endorphins. Working out I feel like unstoppable and like the sky is the limit, I feel like there are plenty of opportunities and I just want to go for them with much power, determination and self-confidence! When I cannot workout in the morning due to morning meetings for instance, I workout at night ending my day: NO EXCUSE!

I do not always have 2 hours (1 for pure miracle morning and a second one for workout) but… there is but, I truly take time even if I am in a rush. I am my number one priority in my life. I cannot pour from an empty cup so I full myself first to serve the world then! It’s not being selfish 🧚🏿‍♀️ Even when I resume all the steps because I am in a rush, I need my miracle morning, or else I am all moody and unenergetic.

I begun my miracle mornings in 2016. This truly changed my life and I guess it saved me. A real game changer. I so recommend that you create your own miracle mornings. Oh and… to me there is no rule. I mean, if I don’t feel like doing this or that because this or that, I don’t do it, periodt. I’m the captain Babes! The only one deciding in here for my miracle mornings and my life!

There is a book for the ones interested in trying Miracle morning. The title is… « Miracle morning » by Elrod. You can find it any library, in English or in French, it’s up to you!

What’s your morning routine?

Oh should I mention that after that, I eat fresh deli fruits and drink a tank of water while I cook a yummy breakfast/brunch when I’m starving! Healthy food. Remember! « Either it nourrishes you… » blablabla.

Okay, now tell me what’s your morning routine?

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