Tango in the sky!

Here we go again! First moon quarter 🌗 was yesterday, halfway time between New moon 🌑 and Full moon 🌕

Are you Moon Babes feeling kind of resistance and challenges lastly? Do you know why? Because it’s the right and perfect time to grow! You are supposed to rise from the ashes and grow at this very moment! Face the resistance and the challenges and figure out what they create inside yourself, and also in which direction are they guiding you. Let’s take actions and STAY ON TRACK!! Chaos is only your friend trying to tell you what you need to adjust to get re-aligned! PUSH AHEAD Moon brothers and sisters.

Additionally, 3 days ago, Mercury begun retrograding and will be transiting in Cancer from 18th of June until the 12th of July. It will continue until beginning of August. You remember what a planet that retrogrades mean right? It means the planet goes in the reverse direction it usually goes. It doesn’t mean Venus isn’t retrograding anymore, it is! 😍💃🏿 OMG those planets are dancing tango out there, can you feel the vibe? 🌎💫🪐✨🌕

Ok, remember Venus retrograding means your relationships will flourish, so you should focus on them. Now Mercury retrograding invite to take a seat and review and reevaluate. Mercury is the planet of communication and Cancer energy is connected to feelings and energy, so everyone’s getting emotional in here 🥺😍

So, here is a recap: first moon quarter + mercury retrograde + venus retrograde = 💞💓🧐🤔😢🤯😑🤩🥰😍 In other words, pay close attention to what you are feeling deep inside and figure out with much selflove the message they are bringing to you even if it is unconfortable. Emotions and feelings are louuuud 🔈🔉 listen to them and handle them before they get louder 🔊🤜🤯🤛 Remember, the sh*t has to flow, or else it will cause disease and 💩. Trust it or not, those transits in the sky explain all those deep shifts we are living since end of 2019 MoonBabes. Good news is the new World is coming Babes. It truly is. Again and again and again, face the reality, don’t lie to yourself, and BE the change you want to see it this New world loading. Being the change starts from within.

D-4 before strawberry full moon 🍓🌕. I’ll release an article so that you can celebrate it and recharge yourself from it.

Meanwhile, I send you much Love and Light!



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