Namaste New moon!

Today, at 7:39PM (Paris time) we will experience a New Moon 🌘, as the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌕 come together in the sign of Gemini.

Okay! New moon happens when the earth lines up with the sun, which means the moon is between the sun and Earth. Hence, the moon is pretty invisible from where we, humans, stand.

In other words, today, we have the opportunity of fresh beginnings, HURRAY 💃🏿🤸🏿‍♀️👏🏿 Isn’t it the best decision ever?

New moon is about creation, it’s the moment to start things (while full moon is about stopping and getting rid of, you get the difference?).

Here is a holistic experience invitation, an invitation to flow with the whole universe. As it begins a whole brand new cycle, you, consciousness, are invited to do so.

Remember, this Universe is wholly made of atoms, and we, are made of those same atoms. We all one.

Everything is made of the same life energy. Every-single-things.

🌑 New moon Rituals:

Moon phases are really helpful to get some clarity, the perfect time to (re)align yourself with the Universe and manifest what your heart truly needs.

Here below some ideas/advices for your rituals, but feel free to create your own ritual. Rituals are personal, once you get the vibe and the goal, feel free to vibe by your own rituals.

📿Create a sacred lovely and comfy space for your ceremony without any energy suckers around (bitch don’t kill my vibe, not today, BYE!)

✨Set an intention from the bottom of your heart for your new moon ceremony

🕯Light a candle and incent

🧘🏿‍♀️Meditate: it’s time to go within and get in touch with your highest self.

Once you connect with your true self, it’s time to question yourself so that your innervoice answers. Question your fire, and let your heart answer: what do you hold inside? Which message what you hold inside makes you tell the world? Because remember, you get in return the frequency you give the world.

Check in your heart! What nourrishes your energetic body, your subtle body? What makes you vibrate higher? Shouldn’t you formulate the intention to plug more into this, and that the Universe leads you more to those sources?

Check what makes you light or heavy energetically at all levels: food, intellectually, emotionally, sort everything habits, relationships, projects you are working on.

🕯Some take a new moon salty bath to detox, others find a way to clean energy with crystals, or simply with the moon energy and incent.

📜 Once you had plugged into your true self and that you had cleaned your energy, make a list of your intentions for this fresh beginning. Those intentions must not come for your brain, well from this one 🧠. Your intentions must come from your heart, and you must feel strong and powerful emotions and feelings formulating them. Visualize the situation when (not if, WHEN) those intentions will manifest and make sure you are so into this visualization you vibrate higher. Make repetitions. And once you are done visualizing and making repetitions, you can write down the intention. Here, the key is to feel and make your heart boom, and make yourself vibrate.

Venus retrograde highlight: especially with Venus retrograde (until 25th of June. FYI Venus represents relationships), there is a huge emphasis on relationships (family, love, friendship, all kind of relationships). They will flourish for sure. But before jumping again into social life, take time to observe what this isolation made you realize about your relationship to yourself and also relationships to others and patiently notice what nourrishes you and draines you. Then, you are invited to begin to communicate honestly about this, the good AND the bad. Remember, communication isn’t about being right, communication is about understanding and being understood. Listen before talking. Do not assume. When you talk, do not talk from a place of judgement and reproaches. When you talk, talk from a place of love, pure love. Leave fears and ego far behind. Or at least, ush them if they stick around! Let love be your leader.

Most likely, Venus retrograde gives us the opportunity to shift our perspective and consciousness. An invitation to see through our hearts, to perceive the world through love, from a place of pure love. Because your heart knows, while what you think is you, doesn’t.

Remember!! Consciousness having human experience. Our body serves our conscious, not the other way round!

Also, please remember that what you put attention and conscious on you nourrish. What you nourrish grows and takes space. It can either make you light or heavy. It can either give you power or let you powerless, but it’s all about you making DECISIONS. You are the only one deciding to be powerful or powerless.

Also, it’s a good idea to be curious, to explore new possibilities. Open your mind, and also open your heart! Say yes! Yes to life, yes to your heart, it’s time to accept, SAY YES, to unexpexted invitations, to new experiences. Straight yes, don’t think too much, be spontaneous. Leave your comfort zone behind, try those new things coming ahead!

As I told you yesterday (in French), I am telling you, New moon is a very fertile day (the most fertile of the lunar cycle), so it is THE time, THE opportunity to plant new seeds, I mean to launch new projects. You should see them flourish into few months!

It’s also the moment to create new habits or initiate life changes. Sign up to that class you have been craving for for so long. Apply to that dream job. Invite that man, or that woman for a social distancing date 😷👩‍❤️‍👨, or even starting that new relationship! Whatever you want to do: throw yourself simultaneously with new moon, you will flow with it and the seeds will flourish!

And before anything else, stay wild moon child ✨🌘

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