Negzzia la guerrière

In France, « Xena la guerrière » is famous. In French, « Xena » is a proper noun. A greek girl name. Its Ukranian origin means « guest ». « La guerrière » means « the warrior ». « Xena la guerrière » is a princess warrior.

« Negzzia ». Doesn’t it sound like « Xena », well, like its « verlan »? In French, « verlan » means « when you invert syllabs of a word ». And this word only exists in French. Sacrés Français !!

Welcome on my blog, welcome on board.

If I am going to translate from French and make french references all along the article? Well, will try not to, but as far as I’m concerned, I am French, as born and raised, with senegalese roots. And this is both my blog (haha) and also my first article in English. Why? Because I met Negzzia la guerrière past Wednesday. Since then, I am supposed to release this article you are reading at this very moment. And this article must be readable by the first to be concerned.

Okay. Let’s keep focus and get straiiiiiight to the point. Negzzia. Negzzia la guerrière. Oh Lord. That woman. That soul. Oh Lord! That dancing soul despite everything.

Okay. Let’s start with the beginning. Few days prior to the day I met Negzzia, Mila Anufrieva refered to her sipping her coffee and showing wonderful shooting pictures, where Negzzia was modeling. Stunning her. Mila’s tone of voice changed when she declared in her all glamourous Russian accent « Fama! We need to help her, she is a refugee from Iran, she is a modele, she is struggling so hard here in France. You need to hear her voice, you need to hear her story ». Yet, I was in love.

Wednesday 19th of Feb. 2020. 9:17AM. Paris. Hôtel National des Arts & Métiers. One of my fav’ places in Paris, wether it is for a meeting, a friend catch up, drinks or dinner, whatever, I so love this place.

Shotgun! I’m the first on the spot. The meeting begins at 9:30AM. I have some time to take pictures and tell the world I touched down the fanciest place of Paris on the Gram!

Few minutes after, the most elegant panther in town stands out. I’m like, wow, good Lord, is she the refugee I’ve been talked about few days ago? Oh Gosh! Okay I need to hug her, to feel her energy and vibrations. Free hug Wednesday to welcome Negzzia. And I can feel I can, so I do. A couple minutes later, my friend Rebecca Lehr, whose nickname is Becky shows up so I introduce her somebody I don’t even know either. Yeah, we are all nice to meet you Negzzia, very nice to meet you.

Becky is the co-founder of the account « ootdrefugees » on Instagram. They share the precious give back moments they experience gathering and distributing clothes and meals to refugees in Paris. I immediately thought about Becky when I heard of Negzzia because of her experience in helping refugees and also because of that success story en devenir with Mohamed Shariff from Somalia. Mohamed had a dream. The dream of becoming a modele. Even if Mohamed could not finally attend Balmain last fashion week show, Olivier Rousteing in person invited him to attend the show as a guest! Thanks to her willingness, and also through her actions and network, she made this happen, and all I hope is it is only beginning.

Now, back on Negzzia, I knew hers was an odd and fasciting story, I knew it from the very first time I heard her name. But I was not ready. I was not ready. Or else, I would have buckled up at least. Are you guys ready? Okay, you buckle up! You buckle up.

I asked her « what does Negzzia mean? Does it have any meaning? » She echoed « oh, no-no, well, as far as I know, no, this is not my name, this an alias I made up because my father still lives in Iran and since I am a refugee from Iran, I had to change my name so that my father is still secure in Iran ». Okay guys, she set the tone! Okay, I am not on Netflix. Okay, this is happening like right now. This is happening IRL. In Real Life.

It all begun with a MF photographer. Yeah, MF stands for mother fucker. Yeah, sorry, I’m just being real right now. So this MF tried to rape her during an artistic nude lingerie photoshoot. This frustrated MF was eyeing her big time while she was back, waiting for the expected flash and lights! This MF got naked like rill quick to satisfy his MF desires. This woman, not named Negzzia at this moment, with a sturdy character yet, vetoed this insane project and escaped at a furious pace almost naked.

This is when it all begun. Yeah, guess how a frustrated MF react after that? Standing all tiny mini on his 4XL frustration? How does a frustrated MF react in a country officially islamic since the Muslim conquest of Persia? How does a frustrated MF react when he suddenly distinguish good from evil when it comes to his well-being?

Oh! and, one thing! May I specify I am a strong believer. I believe in God. And I name Him in arabic most of the time. Allah. Yeah, I am a devout Muslim. But my religion is all about love and peace. The crimes I am getting used to in name of Allah has absolutely no thing to do with my religion.

In other words, those bastards name is « Muslim » as much as this woman name is « Negzzia ». They are not Muslims, they are criminals.

She is such a hero. A shero. She is being through hell while you are reading this. Here, right close to you, in the middle of Paris, the so-called city of Love. Yeah right? A homeless shero you need to hear the story too.

But writing this article right now, I am wondering. Why would I relate her story?

Wait a minute. What if I asked her an interview, a formal one as soon as possible, with professional cameras and everything so that she is given a voice while we have a conversation? Because, as she posted on the 1st of February on her eponymous Instagram account, quote « I am not the only one! I am the voice of all refugees in France. I can’t be quiet as they wanted me to be! […] I want to live! I want to start my life. »

I want you to hear her voice from her very own mouth. I want you to hear how she is surviving. How she is a survivor. From being a happy young lady living her best life in Iran not wanting to live in another country, how she has been fleeing her threatening persecutor and government, from Turkey to France. You have to hear how she picked France randomly listening to a song the moment she had to take a decision. You have to hear how she came across other MFs pretending wanting to help her, actually wanting to use her only. Whether it was sexually, or for media coverage. Yeah, remember, media (and also the ones manipulating the ones wanting to be manipulated) can be MF assholes!

Yeah, and that is the reason why I am going to give her a voice one hundred out of conventional media. She has plenty of videos she recorded during her very tough times homeless in the street. What if we edit this with her interview to relate her story?

What has meant most to me is the way she has been stabbed in the back most of the times she trust somebody. Despite of her riddled and bloody back, that shero is looking towards future, towards love and light with joy even if her soul, her being, is sorely being tested.

Wanna hear her voice? Share this article. Make some noise. Comment. Spread it all. And stay tuned!


5 réponses à « Negzzia la guerrière »

  1. Un bon post. Très bien anglais. D’un Anglais!

    Aimé par 1 personne

      1. C’est la même pour moi, en français. (Surtout quand le clavier n’a pas des accents 🙂)


  2. Bless your heart and welk done for your first article ever in English

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Amen. Thanks a lot Patche. This is to be continued! ✨💛


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